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A Lifetime of Creativity

Throughout our careers, we’ve had the great fortune to work on some truly inspiring projects, while meeting many influential and creative individuals along the way.

For more information about our experience, portfolio or how we can collaborate on an upcoming project, get in touch today.


Breathtaking landscapes that span from traditional picture-perfect villages to medieval old towns and from sandy beaches to lakes and exciting mountain regions. The Cyclades islands meet mount Olympus, the stunning natural beauty of the Peloponnese meets the volcano on Nisyros.       


Natural and historical locations are combined with modern sites and a vast variety of interior filming spots, whether they are residential areas or professional venues.   


Top quality filming studios can cover any need for any kind of shooting, whether it is a simple chroma key or to accommodate an entire setting built from scratch.


English-speaking film professionals covering all key positions as well as production units. The level of expertise guarantees a top-level collaboration in both technical and creative aspects of any production. 


Directors, cinematographers, art directors, production designers and stylists are ready to welcome and enhance your project, while focus pullers, gaffers, grips, technicians and people working at every department are there to join your team, to ensure the quality and the artistic outcome of every endeavor.  


Casting and model agencies with great working experience and an ethnic diversity ready to cover your every need. 


Actors with great stage and filming experience join a variety of characters or models, gifted performers and musicians combine with amazing street casting. And even if you’re looking for some animals to “act in” the answer is yes, we got you covered.

Equipment & Facilities 

State of the art film equipment (camera, lenses, techno crane, bolt motion control) and a variety of grip equipment, all in competitive prices, are there to facilitate your shooting.   


Film labs specializing in image processing and color correction, post-production houses ready to treat your project up to the final touch, sound mixing facilities with experienced staff to engineer and master your sound, are just some key facilities to make you feel confident, to make you feel at home.   


With more than 250 days of sunshine and mild winters, Greece is also renowned for the quality of its radiant light, its unique and compelling properties.

Travel & Logistics 

Greece might be a small country in size, but at the same time it offers the exact opposite regarding locations, making filming conditions lie in the palm of your hand. 


Most settings are just a few minutes or hours from the centre of Athens, thousands of stunning islands easy to access by boat, many of them even with their own airports. 

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